EoS Fitness Case Study

EoS Fitness - Back-office management system

Client Overview

EoS Fitness is among the top fitness club chains in the US, boasting facilities in 30 unique locations. They offer more than just your typical gym setup. EoS expanded its reach in the past year, doubling its facilities from 40 to 85. These aren't just ordinary gyms; they're fully functional fitness centers with areas for team sports, tennis courts, swimming pools, gym spaces, and personal training rooms. Since the beginning of 2021, EoS has been in a collaborative partnership with Qodeca.

    EoS Fitness - Back-office management system


    We analyzed their business needs and user context to plan releases. Starting from basic functionalities to add-ons, we have designed minor releases accordingly.


    We designed a solution using the MVP method, discussing with the client and focusing on streamlined development with features.


    We coded the solution and gave weekly updates to the client with a test environment for them to check - using the MVP method.


    We tested the code and design, and all crucial issues had to be fixed before release.


    Once released, we continue testing functionalities while planning a new release cycle.

    The Challenge

    EoS Fitness faced a significant challenge: adapting their systems to accommodate the company's rapid growth. They doubled their facilities within a year, but their sales and staff management systems needed to be updated. Processes that should have been automated were still manually handled. Moreover, EoS needed a dedicated app for its members, making communication with them more challenging.

    The Solution

    The initial phase of the solution focused on implementing systems that streamlined operational and employee processes. Due to the increasing number of facilities, EoS Fitness was forced to change manual processes to automated ones, which concerned the areas of HR, employees, people management, operations, and IT. First of all, we started reporting and settling employee hours. Using PowerBi technology, Qodeca implemented reporting systems for coaches and staff, which improved EoS financial management.

    We handled data transfer between ABC systems, the back office, and the members' website.

    In addition to new back-office systems and solutions, integration with the ABC Fitness critical system is necessary. This ensures security, convenience, and free data transfer. Qodeca went beyond just addressing EoS's immediate needs. They rolled out several innovative features. We have created a solution for handling and managing training for HR teams - HR dashboard. Additionally, Qodeca prioritized optimizing data processing and transmission. Their efforts slashed data transfer and update times on the website from 30 seconds to 3 seconds. This makes your website run faster and reduces bounced sessions, leading to more effective interactions and increased conversions. Work on the development of the back-office system is ongoing.

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