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There is no feeling of hierarchy in Qodeca. We are all, in our own fields, experts and we work as a team on every project making sure that everyone's voice and opinion is heard and listened to, especially yours, making us an excellent choice whatever your needs.

Our team was started by our CEO Marcin Obel who gradually and organically grew the company into what it is today. We consist of Senior people in all areas with a wealth of experience in many areas of Tech, Business and Design which enables us to build beautiful back-office and customer facing applications that can immediately transform your business for the better.

Specialists and Advisors

One of our super strengths lies in Membership Economy focused applications that can drive your sales, marketing, analysis and customer engagement along every step of the customer journey, as well as delivering you custom designed management data and analysis capabilities. Custom software is particularly beneficial and sought after in the Hospitality, Travel and Fitness and Leisure industries. We have enriched other industries too, such as the Financial, Medical management, Real Estate, Personal Training, E-commerce and many more.

We partner with industry leading tech brands and growing businesses to create simple, useful, and scalable digital solutions for whatever your needs.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our work and the experience that has brought with it. We are not just developers, we are advisors and this is why some of our clients are still using our services after 8+ years.

Our Goal

Qodeca aims to bring the huge benefits of custom solutions to as many businesses as possible and educate those that don’t already know why they need custom built software in the first place.

We aim to deliver custom software and after care services solutions at an affordable cost no matter what your budget is, and transform your technology into a competitive advantage. To work closely with our clients in order to maximise revenue, customer engagement and loyalty, and future-proof your business through the use of Technology.

Our Tech Stack

We are not limited in any way. We have access to specialists in all fields. As all of our developers are senior, they can work with ancient technologies to the most recent technology and framework choices. Our decision on which tech stack to use is based on the needs of each individual project.

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We are constantly looking for talented people to join our remote team full-time and part-time, or however you might like. Contact us and we will make it work for both of us.

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