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Our Team

“We are not just a development team we aim to be long-term partners helping you to achieve your digital dreams”

Marcin Obel, CEO and Founder

Qodeca is a product design and custom software development company, based in Poland. There is no real feeling of hierarchy in Qodeca. We are all, in our fields, experts and we work as one team on every project making sure that everyone's voice and opinion is heard and listened to, especially yours. Our team was founded by our CEO Marcin Obel who organically grew the company into what it is today. We consist of Senior developers, business analysts, product designers, and project managers with a combined wealth of experience.

Our Expertise

One of our super strengths lies in Membership Economy focused applications for various industries, particularly Hospitality, Travel, Finance, Fitness, Security, and Healthcare. We believe in data-driven design, and optimization of the customer journey to drive customer loyalty and with that, your revenue. However, we not only care about what’s in the front but also what’s underneath the customer-facing app. We are experts at management-facing applications, delivering custom-designed management data and analysis capabilities to transform your business for the better.

We partner with industry-leading tech brands and growing businesses to create simple, useful, and scalable digital solutions. All of this is done under NDA from the start to ensure comfort in the knowledge that your projects are being handled with the utmost integrity and security. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our work and the experience that has brought with it. We are not just developers, we are advisors and this is why some of our clients are still using our services after 8+ years.

Our Goal

Qodeca aims to bring the huge benefits of custom solutions and mobile and desktop applications to ensure global digital transformation to change the world one application at a time. We work closely with our clients to maximize revenue, customer engagement, and loyalty, and future-proof your business through the use of Technology.

Working with us

Two approaches with an alternate solution

We analyze your specific case and prepare two approaches with different pricing, so you can make a decision based on your budget and needs.

Self-organizing dedicated agile teams

We assign a highly-skilled team, based on your project needs, that will collaborate with you to fulfill your business goals.

Continuos Delivery

We work in 1-2 week sprints. At the end of each one, we release a working piece of code that is ready to be tested and demoed.

Transparent Communication

We offer open communication within the team and during weekly calls with clients. All of the ideas and issues can be heard and addressed.

Our Tech Stack

We are not limited in any way. We have access to specialists in all fields and technologies. Based on your projects technical and business requirements we will suggest the best-suited technology that is tailored to your app. If it’s ongoing project we will easily adapt while offering guidance and advisory services before, during development and after deployment of each and every collaboration.

#.NET #Csharp #Azure #Swift #React #Angular #Node.js #JavaScript #Android #iOS #Figma

What we can do:

New Product Development
Idea Validation
Digital Transformation
Product Scaling
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We are constantly looking for talented people to join our remote team full-time and part-time, or however you might like. Contact us and we will make it work for both of us.

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