MedSimples Case Study

How we helped MedSimples revolutionise healthcare institution managment

Client Overview

MedSimples promotes technological and innovative solutions to make the financial management of healthcare institutions uncomplicated. Its mission is to organise and simplify daily routines of clinics and hospitals. The system we have created had two recipients: Doctors and Office workers. The App helps them to manage their workloads so it had to have a user friendly design.

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How we helped MedSimples revolutionise healthcare institution managment


We analysed their business needs and user context, to plan releases starting from core functionalities to addons


We designed the solution and discussed it with the client, taking into consideration the simplest direction for development


We coded the solution, and gave weekly updates to the client with a test environment for them to check


We tested the code and design, prior to release all crucial issues had to be fixed


Testing of the application continued after its release whilst we developed the next update as planned

Our Task

We were tasked with creating a double-ended system, that would help to cover many of the daily tasks of healthcare workers. The main features of the office side of the app are for hospital schedules and payments management. The Mobile app for the doctors allows them to advance their payments and apply to open shifts whenever they want.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was to create a low-maintenance, fully flexible and reliable innovation ecosystem that would manage records with data integrity, contracts with legal compliance and make all of the transactions immediate, secure and audited.

We created a model on-call manager.

The outcome was a complete and flexible system that allows the registration of any team size. The platform was a huge asset to many hospitals and clinics, by simplifying daily routines it reduces time spent on administrative tasks by up to 50%.


The Qodeca team was immediately an invaluable asset to this project. They listened to our needs and quickly brought about a design for the perfect system. The entire team of industry and technical experts were not only talented in their areas of expertise but Qodeca listened to our needs and delivered those needs through effective and clear communication from project start to end.

Roberto Chilvarguer - Co-Founder of MedSimples

Roberto Chilvarguer

Co-Founder of MedSimples

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