The Bay Club Case Study

How we help The Bay Club to develop their business

Client Overview

The Bay Club Company is an American company operating in the hospitality industry since 1977. They are the owners of a chain of exclusive recreation and entertainment centers for the whole family with sites in California & Oregon.

Members of the club pay an entry fee and a monthly subscription to use the facilities, such as: tennis, golf, fitness or spa and a wide range of catering and event facilities / amenities. They can also book childcare and buy a place for them at the day camps.

  • 8+

    years of co-operation

  • 25

    team size

  • 70k+


  • 12


How we help The Bay Club to develop their business


First we write user stories we want to cover and plan small releases accordingly


We design the solution and discuss it with the client, considering simplest ways for the development


We code the solution, giving daily updates to the client with the test unit for him to check


We test all of the code and design, before release all crucial issues must be fixed


Once released, we continue to test it, while also planning a new release cycle

The Problem

The Bay Club was based on an inflexible and out-dated system that could not keep up with the rising needs of business. Existing applications did not have support for new features and maintenance, and had many core functionalities missing (like card payment, childcare booking, etc). The Bay Club had to often rely on external partners, which generated costs and was unstable as a long-term solution.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was to create the whole application ecosystem, consisting of fully integrated modules, cloud based, mobile friendly, scalable, low-maintenance and with the ability to manage permissions for lead users. We worked on making our ecosystem user-friendly and communicate with core legacy systems to be able to stream data live with 24/7 availability.

We have created model corporate architecture.

The outcome was a system universe powered by an original legacy system using a mobile-first approach. Gradually over time, other applications have been created.

  • Legacy / Backend

  • CRM

  • Club Managment System

  • Finance System

  • Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer

    Providers App
  • Member


    Online Sales


    Connect App


    Check-in App
  • Office


    Group classes


    Court Booking






    Childcare Sign-In


    Camps Sign-In


    Employee Managment


    Messaging system


While heading the digital transformation efforts for The Bay Club (a hospitality company), one of the main challenges we faced was to recruit and keep a top notch team of technical people while competing with the likes of Facebook, Google, and hundreds of startups for qualified and loyal talent.

We decided to take a leap of faith and started to work with an offshore company, Qodeca, to take care of all of our needs. Today, almost 8 years later, we cannot imagine where we would be without them. Qodeca is an integral part of The Bay Club. Throughout this whole time, Qodeca has had a perfect record when it comes to finding and retaining the best possible people in all areas we needed (developers, business analysts, designers, testers, devOps, etc). So good that most of the Qodeca assigned staff have been with us for this whole time, which is almost unheard of in an industry where 2 years at the same job is considered “long term”.

What started as a staffing challenge, and a money saving effort, turned into much more than that. We outsource 100% of our software development needs to Qodeca. Professional, competent, and always available. Qodeca is the partner you would want in any occasion, from start-ups trying to get an MVP of the ground, to a multi-million dollar project.

Thanks Qodeca!

Fernando Chilvarguer - Senior VP of Engineering at The Bay Club

Fernando Chilvarguer

Senior VP of Engineering at The Bay Club

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