Application rationalization – a few reasons to use it in your company

Improving the quality of the company’s application portfolio often requires the use of definite measures. Without a doubt, application rationalization is one of them. Due to this practice, you will have the possibility to identify business applications inside of your organization to plan business processes while being well-informed about the real status of the portfolio. Find out why you should use application rationalization during planning your business actions! 

What is application rationalization? 

Application rationalization is a complex process, which could be used to streamline your company portfolio and show yourself which of your applications should be kept, replaced, consolidated, or removed. The main goal of this action is to lower the cost of application maintenance, by improving its efficiency and reducing complexity. Achieving those goals could help you in improving the quality of business operations, which your company performs. 

How does application rationalization work? 

Application rationalization is a crucial process needed in increasing the efficiency of business operations in complex organizations. That’s why understanding this process is a key factor for every IT manager, who wants to support his organization. How does application rationalization work?

Application rationalization starts with the compilation of applications deployed by the company. The next step is to identify their users – if only a few or even no one uses them, that’s a perfect start for reducing unnecessary costs. Then, products at end of their technological lives can be replaced with newer ones. Every application should have established business value, usage, and quality – only with that managers can rate their usefulness and decide to keep those, that benefit the most. The most useful ones should be placed into an Application Architecture Framework, which would help to set the rules of use of applications and identify the need for embracing the new ones. 

Benefits coming from the use of application rationalization

The use of application rationalization can benefit in a lot of ways! The main pros come from this action cover lowering the cost of IT maintenance – rationalization help to save a lot of money, which was previously used to upkeep unnecessary or non-profitable applications. Money could be saved, for example, by eliminating applications with similar functions.  It could also benefit product security, by identifying legacy applications exposed to security breaks. Replacing them with new ones can also be a way of solving the problem of technology sprawl, which could be erased due to replacing old and unnecessary applications. We cannot forget about business proses – application rationalization can provide managers with the chance to introduce new technological innovations, a better understanding of their needs, and standardize business operations across the organization. 

For those interested in the topic of Application Rationalization, we highly recommend getting in touch with Marcin Obel through this link. His experience and knowledge in the field can help you navigate this complex topic and optimize your application portfolio.

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