Qodeca, building management and user facing applications that make your business thrive


Here at Qodeca, we offer our expertise to all businesses whether you are a funded startup, an SME or Global Corporate looking for some help in the creation, delivery and maintenance of custom software that users will love.
We will support and help, whether you want to scale your business up, make it more efficient and cost-effective, or create something brand new and exciting.
  • Development
  • Product Design
  • Team on Demand
  • Full Audit


Build digital products in iterations, making it possible to pivot any time. Improve your business processes and profits through custom software development, that is tailored to your needs. Reliable, scalable and future-proof.

Key Outputs

Fully functional and tested end product (MVP or final).

How we make Audit

Agile, Continuos Integration, Continuos Delivery, Code Reviews, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance.

  • Big Data
  • Back-Office Systems
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
Product Design


Purposeful design that will engage your customers from the beginning. We will make your product easy, satisfying and beautiful. We only make informed decisions, based on research, that will lead to success of your product.

Key Outputs

Project Roadmap, Reports, High-fidelity wireframes that are ready for development.

How we make IT

Agile, Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Development-conscious, Business-driven, User-centric.

  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Visual Design
  • Research
  • UX Design
Team on Demand


If you need any help, whether it’s for consulting, ideas, or execution, you will have our support and expertise at hand.

Key Outputs

Optimisation Roadmap, Reports, System Improvements.

How we make Audit

Product Management, Issue Diagnosis, Problem Troubleshooting, Polishing Existing Functionalities, Performance Monitoring, Consulting.

  • Maintenance
  • Team Augmentation
  • Service reports and improvements
  • Tech Updates
  • Continuous Optimisation
Full Audit


An evaluation which will help you radically improve your product. Audits are designed to define the core problems in your product, which, if fixed, can increase your conversion rates.

Key Outputs

Report of quantitative and qualitative data, Detailed results highlighting pain points and areas for improvements, Priorities recommendations and suggestions.

How we make Audit

Analytics Overview, Competitive Analysis, Usability Review, System Testing, Risk Assessment, Scalability Estimations.

  • UX & Visual Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Architecture Audit
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Code Audit

Our Tech Stack

Whatever you need, we’ve got it. We have a wide range of specialists, that cover a vast array of technologies, so we can select the best fit for your business needs.

Why Us?


Let's be honest, the costs are important. The top priority of any business is to minimise the spend and maximise the returns.


We operate using the Agile methodology to make sure that each project is focused on the best possible user experience and business goals.


Poland is well known for its high quality IT education. We love code & design and you can see that in the work we produce.

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