Identify your targets audience’s needs and goals to

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...solve real problems and meet the expectations of your users

Discover our offering:

Full Audit

We will help you pinpoint areas with potential usability issues, revealing which parts of your app are hindering conversion rates. Based on heuristics and prior user research, we evaluate your website against industry standards.


Report with all identified problems specified on a scale from low-impact to high-impact areas of focus. We will also supply you with a suggested solution to each issue.

User Research

Using various methods, we expose problems and find design opportunities by understanding users’ behavioral patterns, motivations, and needs. User research helps us check your product or idea against real people and improve decision-making.


Condensed report of all findings. The document might include survey results, user interview highlights, UX persona, and customer journey maps. Collected insights will support upcoming business decisions.

Stakeholder Interviews

Interviews are performed to obtain project-relevant information to help us establish a foundation. We will ask about business goals, users, technical constraints, and problems.


Organized summary with findings, like Industry details, Competitors list, Competitive advantages, Unique Value Proposition, Motives, Fears, Users, Solutions, and Alternatives.

Competitor Analisys

We will examine and analyze your competition products features, market share, pricing, strengths, weaknesses, culture and users feedback. Discover rising trends, and areas you can improve to outshine your competition.


Document with comparison charts and graphs, as well as market related trends for better picture of a competitive landscape. Review the threats and opportunities to innovate business and improve your sales.

Product Scoping

Based on gathered information, we can write user stories that contain persona, behavior, and context methodology. Real scenarios give us an insight into what features your product might require.


Document with a list of elements that characterize your product or service. The list organized by features importance, will help us define the minimum viable product scope and future implementation schedule.

Why do you need Discovery Phase? Learn what advantage you would gain by choosing it

There are several reasons why the discovery phase will make your product more relevant to your customer’s needs and help you gain a competitive advantage. Good preparation for the project will minimize the risk associated with introducing a new product to the market.

1. Market-Driven Product

Analyze the market and create a product that responds to real customers needs.

2. Cost & Time Optimization

By looking into clients resources we can improve our workflow to eliminate redundant work.

3. Great User Experience

Doing user research can help us understand your customers needs and allow us to spot opportunities to find better solutions.

4. Avoid Business Risks

Eliminate the chances of scope creep and the need of costly changes in advanced development stages.

5. Clear Product Direction

Align all parties on realistic expectations for the product to get a more precise estimate and deadline.

6. Increase Confidence

Make better and faster decisions based on evidence rather than hunches.

Our Typical Discovery Process

We perform various interviews and a scoping session to define the value proposition and identify business goals to optimize the time & cost of your project.

We then systemize and analyze the data provided and synthesize it into architecture of information, sitemaps, user stories and flows.


We translate collected data and business needs into real solutions and design engaging user interface for your customers.


Our team works in Agile & lean methodology meaning product designers and developers continue to work closely together throughout the project.


Collaborate with the team to define problems, users behaviour and the business environment, so we can establish the best way to move forward with your project.


Wether you already have a brand identity or need a new one, we are here to help keep your brand consistent and up to the latest standards.


Throughout the project we will ask for your input and feedback, to make sure that we are going in the right direction.


Discovery team
Business Analyst

A business analyst analyzes business goals and thinks through the logic of a system to offer the most optimal functional and non-functional list of requirements.


A Software Developer prepares the list of technical requirements and chooses the most viable tech solution.

Product Designer

A UI/UX Designer conducts UX research and analyzes target audience habits to create optimal scenarios for the users.

Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for organizing and managing the Discovery Phase for the most effective result.

What is it like to work with Qodeca's Discovery Team?

(...) Not only did they assist in the design and architecture of the product but also critically reviewed the ideas, suggesting valuable enhancements.

Petra Pawlowski

Vice President at Citi

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