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Discover our offering:

Mobile Applications

We offer Native Android and iOS, Cross-platform, or PWA solutions to cover your mobile development needs.

#iOS #Android #Swift #ReactNative #Flutter

Web Applications

We create highly functional and elegant app interfaces. We ensure that your customers get a first-rate experience, no matter their screen resolution or poor internet connection.

#HTML #CSS #Javascript #React #Next.JS #Angular #PHP

Back-office Systems

A lot is happening behind the scenes: Cloud-Native approach with cutting edge DevSecOps principles. Scalable micro-service infrastructure, SOLID principles with high emphasis on performance and security.

#.Net #C# #Javascript #Java #Kotlin #Node.js #Next.js #PHP


We connect all of the data, devices, APIs and applications across your company to boost productivity, effectiveness and data consistency.

#NServiceBus #DataFactory #Api

Big Data

We change your data into an asset, by monitoring, analyzing, and drawing conclusions. We can provide you with real-time reports and business insights, for data-driven sales.

#PowerBI #Azure DataLake #Tableau #Apache Hadoop #Apache Spark #Zoho Analytics #MongoDB #XPlenty

Our Typical Software Development Process

We use the backlog to identify more minor releases that produce potentially shippable products. We try to keep the releases small - working in shorter iterations helps finish the tasks.


Based on the collected requirements and project documentation we start creating physical source code. We are integrating the code daily to reduce problems and build software faster.


When developing a successful product, we understand that one of the most important factors is the ongoing support to match and meet the ever-changing needs of any particular market or product.


We build a common understanding of the high-level scope of the project. The result of this phase is a list of features identified by the team.


As we progress with the discovery and design - software architecture emerges, we decide on the technologies used, libraries, conventions, and the best-fit for the job.


As a team we work to reduce bugs and any usability or performance issues by constantly reviewing each others work


Technologies we use


Our Approach

Use SOLID principles, write scalable code and contain the domain in the boundaries of the solution. We keep our code simple and utilize design patterns where appropriate.
Continuously test from end to end. Make sure business logic is well defined, and tests will cover any regression. Additionally, we make sure manual testing is done thoroughly and automation is added where it makes sense.
When working with a team, it's essential to have a consistent style guide for your codebase. Conventions, structure, static code analysis, and other tools make the codebase consistent between developers.
Everyone makes mistakes, but having a colleague read over your pull requests before merging is an excellent way to ensure final code quality. Code reviews help reduce bugs in the product.
For tracking the progress of the implementation, we use market-leading tracking tools. Depending on the Partner preferences, we can work with Jira, Azure Dev-ops, Youtrack, and others.

What is it like to work with Qodeca's Development Team?

Qodeca's proactive resources continue to drive cost-efficient results to the client's business, providing them with well-built and maintained products to enable their operations.

Fernando Chilvarguer

EVP of Engineering at The Bay Club

Some examples of our work

Club check-in management system

Medical staff management platform

Optimal Financial Systems Preview

SaaS platform for high-net-worth individuals

Codos Preview

Codos mobile application

TravelShield Preview

Travelshield member portal

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