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...through seamless User Experience and Interface Design.

Discover our offering:


We perform various interviews and a scoping sessions to define the value proposition and identify business goals to optimize time & cost of your project.

It can help you with:

Validating your Ideas

We can help you test your idea by use of rapid prototyping or MVP (minimum viable product), so you can make the most informed decision for your project.


Using qualitative and quantitative research methods we can validate assumptions, which allows us to minimize the cost of deliverables and keep the product in high demand.

It can help you with:

Problem solving

Constant data analysis, testing and iterating assures your product will be a perfect fit for the market.


We analyze the provided data, and perform audits that allow us to recommend you new features or improve the old ones.

It can help you with:

Digital Transformation

If you already have a working product that is not meeting the industry standards, we can help you keep up with ever-changing marketing requirements.

UX Design

We take care of user experience of your product throughout, starting from acquiring up to troubleshooting.

UX Design
It can help you with:

Improving Conversions

By giving your users the right information at the right time you can increase the number of leads and sales from your website.

Visual Design

We craft designs that fit your products market, from branding, animations and custom illustrations to design systems that build entire flows.

Visual Design
It can help you with:

Brand Consistency

Your brand image should be kept consistent to build trust with your customers, make it recognizable and rememberable.

Examples of what we’ve built

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Our Design Process

We perform various interviews and a scoping session to define the value proposition and identify business goals to optimize the time & cost of your project.

We then systemize and analyze the data provided and synthesize it into architecture of information, sitemaps, user stories and flows.

UX Design

We translate collected data and business needs into real solutions and design engaging user interface for your customers.

UI Design

Our team works in Agile & lean methodology meaning product designers and developers continue to work closely together throughout the project.


Collaborate with the team to define problems, users behavior and the business environment, so we can establish the best way to move forward with your project.


Whether you already have a brand identity or need a new one, we are here to help keep your brand consistent and up to the latest standards.


Throughout the project we will ask for your input and feedback, to make sure that we are going in the right direction.


Product Development Timeline

Live Collaboration

Our Product Design team uses Figma, which lets us collaborate with the Developers, QAs and our Clients in real-time.

We have nothing to hide, so aside from Design meetings in which we will discuss the projects progress, you can be up to date at all times.

What is it like to work with Qodeca's Design Team?

(...) Not only did they assist in the design and architecture of the product but also critically reviewed the ideas, suggesting valuable enhancements.

Petra Pawlowski

Vice President at Citi

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Product Designer

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